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Welcome to Urban Wonder Photography! We capture magic! We specialise in People! Family Lifestyle Photography / Wedding Photography / Branded Commercial Photography. Photographers based in Sydney and available around Australia.
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Everything you need to know

Our Frequently Asked Questions are broken into sections according to our services; Family, Commercial and wedding. We have tried to cover as many questions that we know past clients needed clarification or additional information on. However, if we haven’t covered your question, please feel free to contact us via the details at the bottom of this page.


How much is this going to cost me?

We totally understand that budget is a big factor in the decisions that many families make on a day to day basis. It is because of this reason that we maintain awesome relationships with our suppliers and work efficiently to keep costs down so that we stay competitive and pass on savings to you.

But! We definitely are a premium service, producing premium bespoke pieces of artwork for our clients. We dedicate a lot of time and effort and bring over two – decades of education and experience into the artwork we create. The value of that work and the emotional value that our work brings your family is reflected in our prices.

Your Lifestyle Family Portrait Experience is valued at $350. Our artwork also starts at $350 in our Artisan Range and goes upwards of $2000 for some of our largest single Statement Pieces in our Masterpiece Range.

We have designed our Collections (or Packages) to include as much value as we could pack in. These options range from $2650 to around $5000

Finally; our bespoke design pieces start at $1400 and can exceed $5000 depending on the custom artwork we design for you.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! Most of our past clients choose to spread the cost of their artwork over several months. We require an initial 20% Deposit of the total order value for this payment method.

The balance is paid by a monthly direct debit from your Credit Card.  There are no additional fees or charges for taking this option – just piece of mind. The longest payment period we offer is over 6 months.The only thing to be aware of with this option is that it will extend production time to 12 weeks.

We also accept a 50/50 split payment between the day of the order and the day of delivery; 8 weeks later.

And of course if you are in a position to settle your order in full; we love to show our appreciation by offering you extra gifts and benefits.

Can I buy Digital Images?

In some cases digital is the only correct solution for a family and we totally understand that – it is 2018 after all! So while Digital Images are not our focus, they are available for purchase. However, we need be clear that, to us; they are still artwork that we have lovingly created for you. So we treat them same as our Artisan Fine Art Prints and they are priced comparably.

How long after the shoot do you keep our images?

Once we have delivered your artwork to you, we hold onto the images you have purchased along with a select few we love to use for promotion. Our payment plans & packages are designed to enable you to select and purchase all the memories you love on the day of your design session.

When are you available?

We are available on Weekends & Weekdays, by appointment only; for both Photography Sessions and In – Home Reveal and Design Consultations. If you have a Gift Card, please contact us ASAP so we can fast track your experience.

What happens if I have to reschedule our appointment?

We do understand that emergency situations can occur unexpectedly. In the event of this we need as close to 72 Hours notice and appreciate your understanding that you may not be able to have the same day of the week as your original booking.

What if it rains?

We always keep an eye on the weather forecast when booking appointments. However, if it is looking like bad weather on the day of the shoot; we will be in contact as early as possible to discuss options. Sometimes; we just throw caution to the wind and go play in puddles!

How long does it all take?

There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed. On our end of the camera, as creatives; its really unnerving to feel like you’re working against the clock. And for you; we want you to be able to relax through absolutely anything that could, and does happen; during a Photography Experience.

We allow 4 hours for Photography Experiences because sometimes little people get hungry, cranky or sleepy. Sometimes someone might be having a little too much fun, fall over and bump themselves and need a minute. But mostly, it’s just nice to be present and not rush for once.

For the In Home Reveal and Design Consultations we also allow upto 3 hours. We need you to finalise your order on that day, but we also appreciate that it is not a small decision; it’s something that’s going to be in your lives forever – so we’ve got to get it right.

What Do I Wear?

During our Discovery Session we will discuss your styling down to the smallest details. We want to marry your style with the decor of your home as well as incorporate as much of your individual personality into your images. It may be a case of keeping it simple – but it maybe the case that we style up to 4 different wardrobe changes for you.

What about Hair and Make-Up?

Most of our clients are happy to look after their own hair and make – up. We often suggest that you should go and get yourself pampered in preparation for your Lifestyle Family Portrait Experience because you deserve it!

However, should you wish; we can organise a brilliant Hair and Make-Up artist from our network and incorporate that into your Photography Experience.

In addition to this all our final artwork is professionally retouched to ensure your artwork looks naturally amazing!

What about props?

Bikes, scooters, pogo sticks, superhero outfits, figurines, kites, ride-on-cars – you name it; we’ll shoot it! But here’s the important part: It’s not about having a prop for the sake of having it there. During your Discovery Session, we will spend time identifying what personal items from around your home we can incorporate in your Photography Session so that we are telling a complete story about this time in your family’s life.

Who can be included in the Photography Session?

We generally work with immediate families, however we would love you to include grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins as well. Its your story! So make sure all your most important people are there.

Can we include pets?


We are strong believers that your pets are your fur children and therefore they need to be part of your Photography Session.



Is it true that you will come to me/us?

Yes! In general we work to ensure that your productivity is impacted as little as possible.


In the event of Individual Headshots:

Your Pre – Shoot Consultation may reveal that we need to take your shoot to a particular location.

In the event of Team Headshots:

We have the facilities and equipment to come to your offices and set up a portable studio in a boardroom. We also have digital solutions for producing group shots in tight or unusable spaces.

In what format will the images be provided?

The finished and retouched images will be delivered via Dropbox unless specified. Each image will be supplied in High Resolution for any print applications as well as optimised for web in JPEG format. We also supply each image in Colour and B&W.

Do you provide hair and Make-Up?

Most of our clients are happy to look after their own hair, make-up and grooming. However, should you wish; we can organise a brilliant Hair and Make-Up Artist for an additional fee.

What level of retouching do you offer?

All our images are professionally retouched. Our standard retouching softens lines, evens skin tone, removes flyaway hair and removed non-permanent imperfections. Our aim is to provide you with a clean, polished and professional image that still represents you in the most natural way.

Additional or special digital work is available upon request at the time of our initial consultation for an additional fee based on the level of work required.

Personal Branding

Do you offer styling?

Yes! As part of our Personal Branding service we offer comprehensive styling advice to ensure that your message in communicated effectively and harmonises with your visual branding guidelines. We consult on wardrobe, hair, make-up, accessories and any additional props or items required.

Where does the photography session take place?

The location of your photography session is heavily dependent on the outcome of your Discovery Session. Many of our past client’s Creative Treatments have covered upto 5 looks/themes that represent different aspects of their brand narrative that needed to be covered. Depending on what is agreed upon we may shoot in studio and/or in one or more locations.

What kind of additional costs are involved?

Our model is to be as all inclusive and agile as possible in our offering. However, clients that commission us from interstate or overseas incur travel and accommodation costs as well as any additional production costs such as studio and/or equipment hire.

Can we do a Personal Branding Session with more than one person?

This service is generally used by individuals, however should the need arise for 2 – 5 people to create imagery around the same brand; then we will absolutely rise to the challenge of creating engaging branded content across your partnership or management team. Any more than that will require a much larger scale approach which we would be happy to discuss and tailor to your needs.


Do you do Engagement Shoots?

Yes we do, this is a great way for us to get to know you before your wedding day, some of our  packages do include an Engagement Shoot however you can also add one onto your package if you please.

Do you travel interstate of Overseas?

We would be honoured to cover your destination wedding! Get in touch to ask us about what is involved.

Do we need to sign a contract and pay a deposit?

Yes please! We are all on board for you for your big day and we have to make you a priority for your date.

How do we pay?

30% Deposit on booking – deposits are non refundable, however if you do have to change the date we ask for 12 weeks notice and no additional fees will be incurred with the exception of travel or accommodation costs that have been pre booked.

35% four weeks before the Wedding and 35% on delivery of images/artwork.

Can I upgrade my package after the wedding?

You sure can! We produce gorgeous bespoke artwork and are happy to visit you in your home to design something amazing for your space!

How long after the wedding will we receive the images and artwork?

This is highly dependent upon your selection process for finished artwork. With all going well you will have the images and artwork complete and delivered within 8-10 weeks of your wedding.

Do you do Videography?

We both stubbornly specialise in Still Photography – but we have loads of amazing Filmmaker friends that specialise in Weddings that we would love to introduce you to!