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Welcome to Urban Wonder Photography! We capture magic! We specialise in People! Family Lifestyle Photography / Wedding Photography / Branded Commercial Photography. Photographers based in Sydney and available around Australia.
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Portrait Photography North Shore & Northern Beaches

The Experience


We start with your Discovery Session!
Often, we will chat for hours about the tiniest details; like his long eyelashes or her incredible dimples.
Most of time, while they are screaming blue-murder in the background!

During your Discovery Sessions we want you to take an opportunity to stop.

Have that cup of coffee, reflect on your family and tell us your story.

We want to see your world through your eyes and to be inspired by you!

We love nothing more than conducting your Discovery Sessions over your kitchen counter or in your lounge room (but Facetime and Skype is cool too!) We will work around you to keep it super simple.

Just put the kettle on!

“I love design and will walk you through styling, hair and make – up as well the beginning of some interior design ideas for artwork for your home.”
– Cassie
“I will often leave Cassie to have grown – up talk. Meanwhile, I end up in a tea-party, having in-depth discussions of the merits of certain superheroes and sometimes I end up on the bottom of a stacks on.”
– Shanks

Coming to you before your Photography Session gives us a chance to build strong relationships with the kids in their own space; which we have found is SUPER important in them being 100% comfortable with us. Then, when we do come over for the the Photography Session we’re already friends!

We finish up your Discovery Session with many pages of information to digest. We convert this information into a very easy to follow Preparation Guide which we send to you via email, that makes getting ready for your Photography Session very simple!

The BEST thing, that we love the most, about the Discovery Sessions is something we discovered totally unexpectedly. We designed the Discovery Session to equip us to do the best job possible for you. But so many of our families have commented on how powerful it was for them to invest this time to just to breathe, be present and appreciate the amazing lives you’ve worked so hard to create and your little humans who are growing-up much faster than you’d like. Our Family Portrait Photography Experience is available in Sydney, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Inner West, Western Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Hills District.



This is our version of “work.”
Sometimes it’s about as relaxing as the last leg of a triathlon and we definitely work up a solid sweat.
But, in essence; we jump, sword fight, piggyback, play with dolls, play tag and laugh ourselves silly while capturing it all.
We thrive off your chaos!

We stay away from traditional, structured, been-there-done-that family portraiture.

“I had this defining moment during one of our first Urban Wonder Creations shoots. I was getting solidly beaten in a lightsaber battle by a 6 year old Jedi and realised that this is my job now!”
– Shanks

We work as a team when we shoot – we found that this allows us to capture the action from two totally different points of view. This gives you a perspective on the energy of your family that you couldn’t possibly have at any other time.

“While Shanks is acting like a 10 year old boy – I’m often found in a make believe wonderland or paying close attention and capturing those incredibly important fleeting moments, within the moments.” – Cassie

This sounds a bit mystic; but during our Discovery Session we really want to attune ourselves to your energy.

We do this so that when we come back to photograph you and your family we know how to bring out your best, most natural selves to create effortlessly beautiful moments and capture genuine expressions. It’s not something you can fake, nor should you have to; in a sterile studio environment or “down the beach” like everyone else.

One of the driving reasons why we have designed our Lifestyle Family Portrait Experience to be centred around you, your family and your home is that we want to you to be comfortable and feel safe in your own space that you have worked so hard to build.


A few days after our adventures we’ll come back to your home with treats and something very special to show you!
We reveal your beautiful images in a cinematic slideshow and help you design your artwork.

Since we left your place after our Photography Session (potentially covered in dirt) we have been working on hand picking the very best images to show you.

“We have very lively debates about “which images” before I inject just a touch of digital wizardry into them to make them sparkle.” – Shanks
“And then we create a beautiful slideshow that plays like the most amazing home movie. Every single one we create makes me tear up a little when I see it for the first time.”  – Cassie

After we reveal all your images we will help you select your absolute favourites and show you how we can design awesome bespoke artwork for your home or how you can take advantage of one of our packages to make sure you hold onto a little piece of everything.

Home Delivery

We get your beautiful artworks to your door.

After you have finalised your order and your payment option; we take approximately 8 weeks to design, retouch, print and hand make your artwork.

Once it’s all done and it has passed our quality checks each of your art pieces are beautifully wrapped before we personally deliver it to your home.

“I LOVE Christmas! And I take a great deal of care and pride to make sure that when we come to your home to deliver your artwork, that you feel like it’s Christmas Morning!” – Cassie
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