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Welcome to Urban Wonder Photography! We capture magic! We specialise in People! Family Lifestyle Photography / Wedding Photography / Branded Commercial Photography. Photographers based in Sydney and available around Australia.
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Artwork & Investment

Your Artwork

We want your memories to live with you and become part of the fabric of your home in a way that lets you relive those moments over and over again for the rest of your lives!
So we take those moments and we design and produce beautiful, hand made pieces of bespoke modern art.

Artisan Range

From $350

Our range of smaller, handmade keepsakes to spread around your home, take to work or even give as gifts. We offer a variety of designer family portrait artwork products to harmonise with your interior decor and we are able to produce sets of three or five pieces that are designed to flow together through story and style. We also produce beautifully appointed wooden print boxes that hold together 10 or more individually mounted fine-art prints – these can be kept like a photo-album, but can also be framed in your own style to create your own artwork.

Masterpiece Range

From $1350
Our range of Statement Art and Designer Collections are bespoke pieces of wall art that make a significant impact in your home.

Statement Art

We take one perfect moment that means the world to you and we turn it into a significant piece of wall artwork by producing it in one of our stunning Masterpiece frame or finish options. We design your artwork to perfectly harmonise with your decor by paying careful attention to colour, tone, composition in addition to the finish that you select. Our intention is that you will enjoy your artwork in the present, but over time it will become a massively important part of the fabric of your home and always represent the connection you have with each other.

“This might sound a bit silly, but I think of them as time-machines that transport you back to that moment.
Get lost in it! Relive over and over again!” – Shanks
Designer Family Portrait Artwork Products


From $2650

Our most popular artworks packaged together to ensure that you are able to keep all your favourite memories. We have designed these packages to give you the best value by including something from the Masterpiece Range and the Artisan Range to give you a variety of artwork options for your home.

“I love being able to tell a story through a space. Like focusing in on the details of a newborn bub; the eyelashes, lips, little fingers and toes.
It’s these kinds of things that I love to showcase is series’ throughout a family’s home.” – Cassie